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Sean's photography started with uni toast at Saison. Since capturing the Santa Barbara-sourced sensual treat, Sean has expanded to capturing light in more exotic forms, from roaring snow leopards in the freezing Alaskan landscape to ikura nigiri on modern ceramic plates, an homage to his photography roots capturing fine cuisine. While Sean is familiar with long-exposure landscape shots, as well as night photography, Sean is most excited by capturing moving subjects while adhering to core artistic principles including leading lines, negative space, unique foreground framing, and other techniques that factor into beautiful composition. Sean strives to constantly explore further artistic pursuits, staying intellectually curious, and challenging himself not to be confined to one discipline. Sean and his works have been featured in Esquire, Tatler, Mantle Magazine, Art Plus Magazine, and international art fairs and exhibitions in the USA and in Asia.

Sean is a Master of Art student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) at New York. Excluding FIT, Sean has already earned 6 previous degrees from Columbia University's School of Architecture, Emory University's Law and Business Schools, and UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. Sean has also taken film classes at USC's School of Cinematic Arts and fashion design courses from Parsons. While at USC, Sean studied under Oscar-producing documentarian Doug Blush and Hollywood movie-maker Daniel Noah, founder of Spectrevision.

Sean is incredibly passionate about building long-term sustainable ventures that create tons of value, which ultimately help his clients obtain opportunities for economic advancement, whether it is through higher education or smart investing.  He is the founder of 2 educational companies and 1 hedge fund that operates at the top of its peer group. Sean also loves investing and placing faith in entrepreneurs and artists who are solving key socio-economic issues. He has seeded 20+ early stage venture firms and his art collection encompasses social-realist brass sculptures, abstract paintings, and impressionist pieces. Finally, Sean has worked for Fortune 500 companies and other notable brands including Ernst and Young, Techstars Venture Capital, HSBC, Citic Securities, OCBC, and Grant Thornton across the USA, Singapore, and Manila. 

Sean is interested in working with other artists or entrepreneurs who are infectiously enthusiastic when it comes to expressing creativity, not only traditionally,  but also in challenging the status quo.                     

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